Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Treat Yo Self

Some days, you find yourself in Nordy's during your lunch break. What are you supposed to do? In between touching ALL of the beautiful handbags, you gotta get something to scratch that spending itch.

You don't need to give me a lecture about how I should save my money for things I really want, or shop more frugally. I do those things regularly. Well, kind of. And sometimes, I just want it. I WANT IT. NOW.

And sometimes, I get it:

Like this awesome, oversized, zip-around wallet/clutch from Nordstrom's. I love it. It is big enough to hold all my crap: various customer loyalty cards, a pope medal - seriously, emergency earrings (you don't carry those?). Please note specifically how I didn't mention cash. Because my wallet isn't actually used for that, silly!

One of my favorite parts is the ID sleeve. There is a small ID sleeve in the wallet, with a space for three cards. This small piece snaps in and out of the wallet, keeping all my critical cards together so I can throw it in a going-out evening bag or whatever. I like how everything zips up and I can throw the whole thing into a diaper bag, or just run into Starbucks with the wallet/clutch, as opposed to my giant handbag.

In my experience, the Halogen brand, which is Nordy's house brand, has a good reputation, and if it breaks or doesn't work out for me, the customer service at Nordstrom's is the best, and they will take it back or replace without a question.  

I know I probably spent a little too much for it, and I really would have preferred something in a brighter color, since the purse I am carrying right now is also grey, but I think I can learn to live with this.

What fun things have you splurged on lately?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whaaaaaa ?

Y'all. Did you see this?

Yea. Google Reader is going away. I am very integrated to the whole Google platform, so this really bums me.

What REALLY bums me is that I can't turn to my regular reader and "Google Next" button to browse my reading list anymore. BOOOOO.

What are you all using for RSS feeds? My favorite feature of Google Reader is the "Google Next" button, where one click takes me to the next item on my reading list, directly to the originating webpage. So easy for leaving comments and such.

What do you all use? I need to try something new (SCARY), and I need some advice and opinions!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not flaking out

So I haven't been dipping out on you again, I promise.  My life has just been busy and interesting lately.

So busy, in fact, that this morning, I forgot to wear a bra.

True story.

And no, I don't understand how that happens.