Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whaaaaaa ?

Y'all. Did you see this?

Yea. Google Reader is going away. I am very integrated to the whole Google platform, so this really bums me.

What REALLY bums me is that I can't turn to my regular reader and "Google Next" button to browse my reading list anymore. BOOOOO.

What are you all using for RSS feeds? My favorite feature of Google Reader is the "Google Next" button, where one click takes me to the next item on my reading list, directly to the originating webpage. So easy for leaving comments and such.

What do you all use? I need to try something new (SCARY), and I need some advice and opinions!!


  1. At first I thought maybe it was a sign I should read less blogs and more books. And then I tried to go 2 hours without looking at reader... haha.

  2. i know. What the heck, Google! I've been using google reader for yearrrrs. Anyway, I started using Feedly today which is currently based on google reader so you dont have to import your stuff. And when google reader goes bye-bye, they will automagically port your stuff over to their new back end.


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