Sunday, February 17, 2013

Downton Abbey Night

Updated, 9:47 am, February 18:
As I said to my dear friend Kate as we texted during/after the show: "PBS - you want me to donate NOW? You are like a classy educated version of a crack den."

I can't handle it people


You know, I live for this.

Season Finale, y'all. I wanted to have a Downton Viewing party, but, um, that didn't happen.  I am so anxious to see what happens with Matthew's character. And also for Lord Grantham to stop being a total bonehead. And Lady Mary to stop being a bitch not really I don't know what she's being, but it's bugging me. And poor Lady Edith to catch a break. And Lady Sybil to rise from the dead and return.

That last one asking too much?

Anyway, I can't bear thinking of the cast not in character, and like this.

So someone at the Today Show looked directly into my soul and created a drinking game for the show. Let's play:

  • When Carson gives Mrs. Hughes a meaningful look, have a swig.
  • When Lord Grantham acts like a oblivious dinosaur of a patriarch, take a teeny-tiny sip. (Just be careful -- you don't want to get too tipsy on this one alone!)
  • When the Dowager Countess gives someone the side eye, take a sip.
  • When anyone mentions the dearly departed Sybil or even Sybil Jr., have a swig (and maybe pour a little out in honor of the former).
  • When it looks like all hope is lost -- whether Downton is in danger, love can't conquer all, or someone's at death's door -- enjoy a hearty gulp.
  • When the Dowager Countess makes you laugh out loud with one of her signature zingers, finish your glass!

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    1. Holy hell! How hot is Thomas in that picture? Well hello Mr. Barrow. You can wind my clock yespleasethankyou.

      Dude, how many times did it seem like Thomas was going to commit suicide? I thought we would be seeing him hanging from a rafter any minute. But nooo, they take Matthew instead! You're an asshole, Julian Fellows.



    Thanks for reading. I live for your comments!