Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Heard You Missed Me.

I am not susperstitious with regard to the number 2013. But I have talked to quite a few people who need a mulligan on this year.

Not everything - as 2013 has already brought some great things for some of my friends. Which is awesome.

But time-wise, life-balance-wise, getting-sick-wise, and especially blog-wise, I need a new start.

So, I am here, and I am starting again. Be kind, you don't want me to fade away in the background again. I have no real expectations for my little corner of the internet, so I can't even begin to tell you what you'll see and what you won't see.

Won't you stay for the ride?


  1. YAYYYYYYYY YOU'RE BACK!!!!!! :):):)

  2. also, my word verification was "angstili" which I think is appropriate. Since I was angstily missing your blog.

  3. ::hitches up wagon::

    let's do this.


  4. Post 3 more times this month and I'll link you up bish!

    so glad this happening btw, fo real.


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